Normal in Training: Cultivating Self-Compassion One Blog Post at a Time

Below you will find a sample of blog posts from Normal in Training, organized by category. In my blog I try to demonstrate how to put into practice the strategies that I teach.



Take The One Day Judgment-Free Challenge

Don’t Believe Everything You Think

It’s Just a Memory


Life is Not a Test


Can’t You Take a Compliment?

This is Who I Am

Positive and Negative Feedback

On Being Good

If You Don’t Keep a Journal, I Highly Recommend It


Learning to Put Myself First

Psychological Energy Conservation


Everything Ebbs and Flows


If Only…

In the Zone

Perception is Reality

Being Present

May We All Accept Things as They Are

Live Like You Were Dying…Without Obsessing About Death

In This Moment

The Paradox of Productivity

Be Productive! Or Not

The Emotional Life of Your Brain

Recovering Control Freak

Courage and Vulnerability

Be Brave

The Courage to Be Vulnerable

If That’s the Definition of Insanity, Then We’re All Insane

Self-DisclosureDeclaration of Independence


Do Something That Scares You

Starting Over

What Winners Do

A Compassionate Take on Why Misery Loves Company

Words of Wisdom

Why the Incredible Hulk is a Poor Role Model for Stress Management

Moving Beyond Post-Apocalyptic Strategies for Motivation

If That’s the Definition of Insanity, Then We’re All Insane

Control What You Can Control

Will Power

New Year’s Resolutions


Anxiety vs. Fear

Sorry, Not Sorry

It’s Not me. It’s You.

Faking Good

Social Pain

Good Intentions

Whose Fault is it?

Listen Carefully

The Me Generation

Mental Health

5 Things Not to Say to a Depressed Person

The Cost-Benefit Analysis of Pain and Suffering

What Goes Up

Empathy vs. Compassion

No Good Reason

It Matters to Me

The Gift of Compassion

What Compassion is Not

The Dilemma of Being Human